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After the delivery of products, maintain communication with customers, record the situation, and timely handling of customer feedback and suggestions
Guarantee the repair and supply of spare parts
Within the scope of our warranty service and warranty period, we will carry out "three packages" according to the relevant warranty regulations
Vehicle improvement suggestion email, vehicle problem feedback email
Customer service personnel should solve problems for customers as soon as possible, and serve customers with due diligence.
Technical guidance on use and other aspects as requested by consumers
After-sales service content
Sales hotline:153-3663-3301 After-sales service phone:0574-88745135 E-mail address:sale3@lonkatrailer.com
Fax number: 0574-88955393     Contact E-mail: sale3@lonkatrailer.com(Miss Ye)                                 sale@lonkatrailer.com(Mr. Yu)
Contact us at: 020-88745135Ms. Ye
020-88636278Mr. Yu

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