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Agricultural trailers also require detailed maintenance work

Issuing time:2022-10-12 16:23

       Agricultural trailer manufacturers to provide professional customized services, and according to customer requirements for design and production, to better meet the needs of customers, manufacturers of various technical indicators are close to or meet the international level, agricultural trailer maintenance needs to pay attention to, so as to protect the normal use of people in the future, the details are as follows.

       The use of agricultural trailers is very convenient, but it should be noted that it is also necessary to give the details of the agricultural trailer maintenance work, agricultural trailer traction frame rotation 90 °, should not interfere with the tractor, the full load does not exceed 80% of the limit, medium speed 150km; full load traction bar should basically remain parallel to the ground, slightly higher in front. Agricultural trailer structure is reasonable, flexible operation, suitable for road and field transport operations. The agricultural trailer is easy to maintain and durable, for example, the 2 ton agricultural trailer is mainly used for 12-25hp tractor, the brake can be used as crash brake, mechanical brake or air brake, optional left and right self-unloading or three self-unloading, the elastic bow plate is used for shock absorption, and the tripod live traction. The agricultural trailer is suitable for short and medium distance transportation and field work of medium load cargo, centerless turntable, elastic spring plate.

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