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Why choose a trailer from Lonch

Issuing time:2022-10-12 16:27

       Ningbo Longqi Trailer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer of trailers and trailer parts in China and a key local industrial enterprise. It is a major enterprise in our national car trailer, boat trailer and small household semi-trailer industry, with a complete range of products, basically involving all kinds of light household trailers, and is also a supplier of trailer parts to important large trailer manufacturers in Europe and America. Longqi has established good cooperation relationship with foreign famous trailer brands, and has been producing for them under OEM. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Africa, etc.

        The main products of Longqi Trailer are: freight semi-trailer, home trailer, agricultural trailer, boat trailer, trailer accessories, etc. Shunmei company implements strict management mode and strictly controls the quality of products. The company has experienced product development engineers and hires foreign trailer design engineers every year for design and guidance.

Longqi company in the development process attaches great importance to corporate culture, "integrity and pragmatic, common growth" is the company's important business philosophy. Ltd. is a limited liability company which integrates production and trade in the current economy. We have a team of experienced engineers, strict inspection system, and strong management organization. During the development of our company, we have established good business and deep friendship with our customers. We are honest and pragmatic, enterprising and innovative!

       We have our own products, but also for the guests to develop products, welcome samples to the picture, with you to develop together, common development! We work together with you to create value! High quality products, competitive price, sincere service, is our company's commitment to you, welcome new and old partners to choose us, towards a win-win situation.

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