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How to get a quality trailer

Issuing time:2022-10-12 16:29

1. Ask the trailer supplier to send the steel quality report. The best steel brand in China is Baosteel. Shun Mei trailers always use Baosteel.

2. Ask the trailer supplier to provide drawings for the trailer chassis. It will be easy for you to know what thickness and what type of material they use for the chassis. Most RHS chassis are stronger than angle chassis. Also check how many crossbars on the chassis. The more crossbars on the chassis the stronger.

3. All sizes of trailer chassis SWT trailer along with 50X50 square tube rod 300mm.

4. Check whether the trailer parts are qualified, such as trailer wheels. Trailer lights, trailer couplings, trailer chains, etc. They must be certified with.

5. Check the axle, see whether the axle is solid or hollow. Solid axle hollow axle is 100% stronger than strong. If passengers overload the trailer with cargo, there is a risk of brake hazards hollow axle.

6. Check whether the trailer is a bolt-on design or an all-welded design. Bolt design trailers use bolts on both sides to attach to the trailer chassis. Fully welded trailers have the sides, floor, and chassis all welded together. This is a complete part.

7. Mainly bolt design car side and floor use 1.18mm ribbed zinc plate. Shun Mei standard trailers all use checkerboard flooring. Unless the customer wants to use zinc plate flooring, we will not use it.

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