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Selection criteria for agricultural trailers

Issuing time:2022-10-12 16:22

       The agricultural trailer is our company's professional creation of high-quality trailer products, the agricultural trailer products have the advantages of good supporting, solid structure, safe use, smooth driving, beautiful shape, reliable braking, large loading potential, easy maintenance, durable and so on. More exciting content next by our professionals to explain it to you.

       Agricultural trailer wheel axle bearing tension should be moderate. Bearings, brakes, wheels and other major parts of the generalization should be high, and the main parameters should meet the standard requirements. The new vehicle should be broken in; the load should not exceed 80% of the limit when breaking in, and the medium speed should be about 150khi. And pay attention to observe whether the temperature of each part of the bearing is normal and the degree of fastening of each fastener such as turntable, steel plate spring and wheel, etc., tighten once every 30 to 50 kin of driving, tighten three times after. Hand-held trailer should be smooth, with steel plate spring shock absorption device. Braking should be reliable, and no-load test can be conducted when selecting.

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